Harmonized Dataset & Codebook

An Introduction to Harmonized Well-being Measures
October 5, 2021 Gateway Webinar with Alexandra Crosswell and Drystan Phillips

This webinar offers an introductory view of the measures related to the construct of emotional well-being (broadly defined and inclusive of subjective well-being and psychological well-being, and including the categories of evaluative, hedonic, eudaimonic, and experienced well-being). Examples of these measures are life satisfaction, job satisfaction, autonomy, purpose in life, self-acceptance, general positive affect, and daily positive affect. The webinar will cover which measures are available within the Health and Retirement Study and its sister studies. The speakers will present how to learn about and access the data, as well as introduce the scientifically rich questions that can now be asked and answered using this data. The goal of this data harmonization project is to allow for cross-national comparisons of well-being rates and relationships between well-being and aging trajectories. This training is designed for researchers interested in (or considering) using psychosocial data in existing national cohort studies. This webinar is co-hosted by the Gateway to Global Aging team and the NIH Network for Emotional Well-being.