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To accelerate progress and catalyze consensus in emotional well-being research, the Network for Emotional Well-being will - in close collaboration with experts across disciplines nationwide - produce the necessary tools for scientists to make meaningful, coordinated progress.


Our measurement toolbox, harmonized dataset, and codebook, and library of interventions for strengthening emotional well-being will advance the science by activating an unprecedented stream of conceptually and methodologically complementary discoveries.



Our toolbox is under development, but here are some helpful toolboxes from the UCSF Stress Measurement Network and the Harvard Lee Kum Sheung Center for Health and Happiness.

Emotional Well-Being Data

Get started with our inaugural Introduction to Harmonized Well-being Measures webinar recorded 10/5/21. 


Also, NEW-B has curated a repository of datasets that include data about well-being.

Emotional Well-being Interventions

See the UC Berkeley Greater Good in Action website and check back soon as we develop our own Emotional Well-being Interventions page. 

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