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Stress and Health Study (Whitehall II)

Country: Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales)

Study Design: Observational cohort with repeated measurements over time

Participant age range: Early adulthood or midlife at enrollment

Number of participants at baseline: 10,308

Year of initial enrollment: 1985

Number of data collection waves: 13

Measures of well-being:

  • Optimism

  • Life satisfaction

  • Emotional vitality

Quantity of well-being measures (e.g., number of constructs, number of times of well-being was assessed:  Low

Quality of well-being measures (e.g., were measures reliable and valid in the study population): High

Measures of physical health: 

  • Self-rated / questionnaire-based health

  • Self-report medical history or medication use

  • Measured anthropometrics, e.g., weight

  • Biomarkers

Access information:

This dataset is available to all researchers.

Researchers are not required to submit an application to access this data.There are no fees required to access this dataset.

Notable Citation: Guimond A, Kubzansky L, Boehm J, Kivimaki M & Trudel-Fitzgerald C. (2021). Does life satisfaction reduce risk of incident hypertension and stroke? Evidence from the Whitehall II cohort. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 144, 110414.

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