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NEW Brain Aging Network: Pilot Project Funding

The Network for Emotional Wellbeing and Brain Aging (NEW Brain Aging) is an NIA-funded research center based at the University of Rochester, Stanford, and other affiliated institutions.

Its goal is to develop a community of investigators engaged in mechanistic research on the role of emotional wellbeing (EWB) in health, identifying and testing the means by which brain aging influences EWB and how EWB may impact risk for and progression of Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias.

In addition to webinars and research and career development resources, NEW Brain Aging is pleased to offer PILOT PROJECT FUNDS that serve two primary purposes. First, we seek to expand the quality, quantity, and translational impact of research into the mechanistic relationships between brain structure and function on one hand and EWB in older adults on the other. Second, we intend to engage investigators new to the study of brain aging and EWB – both those who are early in their careers and have yet to define a topic area for their programs of study as well as investigators who have established research programs in other areas that they can productively extend to include NEW Brain Aging topics.

The next round of pilot project applications is due 12/1/21. We encourage a brief Letter of Intent as well, due 11/10/21.

The funding opportunity announcement is attached here and available on our website --

Please disseminate this opportunity to anyone who may have interest. We are glad to answer any questions you may have.

Yeates Conwell, MD –

Kuan Hong Wang, PhD --

Vankee Lin, PhD --

Sarah Therrien, Administrative Assistant --


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