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EMOT-ECON research seeks to develop innovative conceptual frameworks and test new theories to advance the science on emotional well-being and economic burden of disease, with the ultimate goal of developing the strategies needed to reduce the impact of this burden.

  • Economic burden includes medical care expenses, income lost when sick, and other such economic consequences of disease.

  • Emotional well-being includes aspects such as positive emotions, life satisfaction, sense of purpose, and ability to purse goals.

The network welcomes researchers, students, patients, caregivers, patient advocates, and health care providers with diverse demographics and backgrounds in academic discipline, stage of career, institution, and geography.


  • Opportunities for researchers include:

  • Apply for EMOT-ECON pilot funding or travel awards

  • Serve in EMOT-ECON leadership positions

  • Find a research collaborator

  • Ask an expert – Contact EMOT-ECON leadership for questions related to the research area


Opportunities for students include:

  • Apply for funding for dissertations

  • Present at EMOT-ECON scientific meetings

  • Professional networking and development of collaborations


Opportunities for these members include:

  • Share their perspective on issues related to emotional well-being and economic burden of disease

  • Stay up to date with literature related to emotional well-being and economic burden of disease

  • Connect with other members to advocate for more work in this area

For more information, please email

Support from National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) and

National Institutes of Health Office of the Director (U24AT011310)


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